Book/Collectible ID Description Price Type

1969 Boss 429 Mustang sales brochure, reprint.
Heavy paper, 3-hole punched.
$48 Books & Literature

Autolite GT-40 logo "Rewire" rack & sign. NOS Autolite spools 7CN & 7RN. Nice! E-mail Collectibles

1970 Boss 429 Mustang sales brochure reprint $25 Books & Literature

Boss 429 Directory Newsletters. Complete set No. 5 thru No. 21, total of 17 newsletters.
Offered by the original Publisher, us! (Photo 1
E-mail Literature

Original Ford GT-40 logo oiler, 4 oz.
Neat Ford blue & white, mint! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
$325 Collectibles
Original from
Ford negative!
1969 Boss 429 Mustang Job #1 photograph,
original Ford 8x10 B & W print, shows car at
Kar-Kraft Brighton plant!
We acquired these from Ford Motor Co. back in 1979.
Printed on original Kodak Ford paper! (Photo 1
E-mail Books & Literature
NOS Brooklin Shelby 1968 GT-500 Mustang toy model, 1/43 scale die-cast, mint, rare! (Photo 1 Trade Collectibles
NOS Shelby Autosport Cobra tie-tack
in original blister package, mint!
Trade for other Autosport items. (Photo 1
$775 Collectibles
Original Shelby Autosport wall poster,
featuring sexy Shelby girl! Rare! (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles
1969 rare!
NOS Shelby Autosport horn button center.
Fits 1969 wood rivet rim steering wheel.
Shelby Cobra Snake w/ tri-bar, rare!
Wanted: 12-rivet walnut steering wheel shown. (Photo 1, Photo 2)
NFS Collectibles
1970 "Shelby"
Mach 1 Mustang
Purchased brand new in January of 1970
by Steve Strange of the West Coast Boys!
Steve was also a Shelby Autosport dealer.
Features factory Shelby roll bar package,
with rare Shelby Sun 8000 rpm tachometer.
Shelby 4-V intake & Shelby distrib (Photo 1, Photo 2)
NFS Collector Cars
NOS Shelby Autosport emblems (Photo 1 $850 Collectibles
NOS Shelby Autosport Cobra snake emblems,
in original blister package, mint! (Photo 1
$975 pair Collectibles
351 Shelby poster
NOS 1970 351C engine Shelby poster! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
NOS Shelby Autosport 351 Cleveland valve covers.
CS Shelby black krinkle covers.
New in original Autosport box! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
E-mail Engine Parts
CS Shelby 351 Cleveland valve covers!...NOS originals! Excellent! (Photo 1 E-mail Shelby Parts
NOS Shelby Autosport Cobra leather key fob only. Mint in original blister package! (Photo 1 $750 Collectibles
AJ Foyt 1969 signed photo!
Rare small color photo of AJ with Boss 429 USAC race car & FORD logo box truck!
Signed on back by AJ Foyt!
E-mail Collectibles
Autographed copy
Boss 429: Performance Mustang Style book.
Last of the new copies left in stock. Mint!
Autographed by Steve Strange! (Photo 1
E-mail Books & Literature
1969 Boss 429 owners manual supplement reprint.
Exact copy made from our original!
$25 Books & Literature
BUYing CS Shelby Autosport parts & accessories!
Buying $$$$$ NOS Vintage Original CS Shelby Autosport parts, accessories & collectibles! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
NOS 1969 4-speed Blue-Stripe shift knob! NIB! (Photo 1, Photo 2) E-mail Collectibles
CS Shelby
NOS 429 CS Shelby equipped fender emblems.
CS Shelby package with pins/clips.
E-mail Collectibles
CS Shelby Autosport Mach 1 accessories!
NOS Shelby Cobra T-bar knobs, fobs & jackets! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
CS Shelby Super Snake poster!
Rare 1970 CS Shelby poster Don Prudhomme!
Also includes autographed photo by Don. (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles
American Muscle
NOS 1970 Boss 429 Mustang, Calypso Coral, new in the box. 1/18 scale die-cast, mint! E-mail Collectibles
First Edition
Signed by
Lee Holman
New Holman-Moody race team book.
The Legendary Race Team!
Exc. condition, hardbound! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
SOLD Books & Literature
HM 1969
Holman-Moody parts catalog. Covers Boss 429, NASCAR 429, and 427SOHC. Includes part numbers, prices, exploded views, etc. Approx. 20 pages double-sided. Reprint. $25 Books & Literature
Boss 429 Mustang: the complete story & owners guide book, soft-bound, black & white (out of print). Only a few new copies left! E-mail Books & Literature
Larry Shinoda autographed photo w/ card.
Framed photo “BOSS SHINODA” 94/95...
Approx. 23” x 19” size
Larry’s ‘95 & ‘70 Boss Mustangs!
Photo by Nina Padgettt
$1950 Collectibles
Larry Shinoda lighter!
As rare as it gets in the Boss 429 world!
Boss 429 pocket lighter, owned by Larry Shinoda. Full Provenance in place! COA... (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles
Lawman signed photo
Original autographed photo by Al Eckstrand to Stephen Strange, for all his help with the Lawman Super Boss Mustang! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
Matter of Record!
Original Goodyear Carroll Shelby wall poster. Size 22 x 34. Scarce! E-mail Collectibles
Original 1969 CS Shelby accessories catalog!
Shelby Girl on red cover!
Matches the famous wall poster! (Photo 1
E-mail Books & Literature
Motorcraft GT-40 spark plug motion sign.
Excellent working condition!
E-mail Collectibles
Boss 302 embroidered jacket patch,
looks like valve cover decal!
$24 Collectibles
Franklin Mint 1970 Boss 429 Mustang.
1/24 scale, new in box. Rare error version!
Grabber Blue with blue hood scoop!
E-mail Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 embroidered jacket patch,
approx. 2-1/2 x 4 in size. Mint!
$25 Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 logo vinyl banner. (Photo 1 NFS Collectibles
Holman-Moody logo Zippo lighter.
Brand new in the original box! Mint! (Photo 1
E-Mail Collectibles
Motorcraft GT-40 logo electric wall clock.
New in original Ford box! Mint! (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles
Autolite GT logo pennants & streamers!
Rare dealership merchandising item! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
NFS Collectibles
Jones Instrument Sanger Boats tachometer.
10,000 RPM 3-1/2 dial. Mint! (Photo 1
$2275 Collectibles
Autolite GT logo wall banner.
Rare cotton bunting item! (Photo 1
NFS Collectibles
Ford GT-40 logo items are hot!
Autolite, Motorcraft, Ford blue & white, etc.
We have a selected group of rare Ford collectibles! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
E-mail Collectibles
Motorcraft GT-40 fender cover.
Motorcraft Motor Oil GT-40 logo!
E-mail Collectibles
Holman Moody tachometer, 10,000 RPM.
New in Jones Motrola box! Mint! (Photo 1
Pricey Collectibles
Motorcraft GT-40 logo metal wall rack for battery cables. Very nice display item! $275 Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 logo electric wall clock.
New in original Autolite box, mint! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
Trade Collectibles
Holman Moody Competition Proven T-shirt
signed by Robert Yates!
E-mail Collectibles
EV-44 Autolite PCV valve tester in original Autolite
GT-40 blister pack, nice.
E-mail Collectibles
C9ZZ-6560232-A 1969-1970 Shelby shoulder harness! (Photo 1 E-mail Shelby Parts
Malco nylon racing jacket. Black with gold flags. XLarge. Originally given to Ohio George Montgomerey, but never worn. Mint condition! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 shock absorber cabinet.
Motorcraft GT-40 ignition cabinet, mint! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
E-mail Collectibles
Original Holman-Moody box, mint!
As good as they get! (Photo 1
$169 Collectibles
Cobra w/tri-bar, embroidered jacket patch! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
Boss 429 embroidered jacket patch,
looks like valve cover emblem! (Photo 1
$85 Collectibles
NOS C9ZZ Shelby console ashtray!
NOS 1969 Shelby GT console center ashtray! Rare! Mint! (Photo 1 E-mail NOS Parts
NOS C9ZZ-16C896-A
1969 Shelby GT Mustang chrome hood locks.
Excellent NOS condition. Marked ASCO.
E-mail Concours Parts
NOS Ford
Motorcraft-Ford GT-40 logo wall banner,
3'x5', heavy vinyl, serge-bound, nice item! (Photo 1
$525 Collectibles
NOS Ford
PA-1618 NOS Motorcraft GT-40 cardboard bin boxes for small parts. $45 Collectibles
NOS Ford
Mach 1 emblem leather key fob, mint!
Original Performance Corner promo item! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
E-mail Collectibles
NOS Ford Motorsport
NOS matching thermometer & clock!
Both pieces are in mint condition! (Photo 1
$1850 Collectibles
NOS Ford rare!
C9ZZ 1969 Shelby GT console insert top! NIB! (Photo 1, Photo 2) E-mail Shelby Parts
NOS Holman Moody
Original Holman Moody serial number plate! Rare!
Not the common camshaft ID plate!
E-mail Collectibles
NOS Motorcraft shop advertising!
NOS Motorcraft Parts & Service sign.
NOS Ford Philco Qualified Service sign, rare!
NOS Motorcraft white counter stools, two.
NOS Motorcraft double-stacked parts cabinets.
Items are new mint condition!
E-mail Collectibles
NOS Motorcraft
GT-40 logo!
NOS GT-40 streamers & banners!
Rare, showroom display item! (Photo 1
$1575 Collectibles
NOS original
AF-718 Autolite-Ford manila parts tags with wires.
Dated 6-67, 10 - NOS tags. Mint condition! (Photo 1
$75 Collectibles
NOS Original
1969 Autolite GT-40 logo oil-air-fuel filter wall chart. FI 2024 size 14" x 26", tri-fold, near mint! E-mail Literature
NOS rare!
Original Holman-Moody Boss 429 lightweight valve cover emblems. REAL! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
Black wedge knob & screw for 1969 Shelby ashtray! Rare! E-mail Collectibles
Boss 429 White fender decals! $350 pair Concours decals
Boss 429 Black fender decals! $300 pair Concours decals
Holman Moody
Holman-Moody logo Zippo tape ruler!
New in the original Zippo box!
Also have matching H/M lighter! (Photo 1, Photo 2)
E-mail Collectibles
Mario Andretti
1969 Autolite-Ford promotion racing jacket. Dark blue with red & white stripes. Neat large loop ring zipper. Absolutely mint condition! E-mail Collectibles
Rare Baby!
Holley Carburetor dealer sign, dated 1967.
Heavy metal, approx. 3' x 4', near mint condition!
Beautiful, baked enamel, embossed colors! (Photo 1
NFS Collectibles
Richard Petty
1970 STP nylon racing jacket, satin white with thin red stripes & STP patches, mint! $950 Collectibles
Ford's famous Off-Highway Parts Book!
Great reference source for Ford HiPo engines!
Eight sections, approx. 100 pages, reprint.
Must have for Boss 429 engines.
$18.95 Books & Literature
NOS CS Shelby parts & accessories dealer decal.
Original water-slide decal for window, neat!
Approx. 5
E-mail Collectibles
1969 Boss 429 sales brochure, autographed by Don Eichstaedt to Steve Strange, mint! SOLD Collectibles
Letter from Bunkie Knudsen to Steve Strange, on embossed Bunkie stationary. Signed, mInt! Inquire Collectibles
Boss 429 wall poster, 24 x 36. Nine great shots! (Photo 1 E-mail Books & Literature
Letter from Mickey Thompson to Steve Strange.
Signed by Mickey, himself!
Inquire Collectibles
1969-1970 Shelby factory roll bar (fastback) (Photo 1, Photo 2) E-mail Shelby Parts
H/M Competition Proven XL T-shirt...
Autographed by Robert Yates! Excellent!
E-mail Collectibles
Holman-Moody Boss 429 cylinder head box with styrafoam insert head cradles, rare! (Photo 1 Trade Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 parts & service sign.
Indoor sign, illuminated. Rare! (Photo 1
$5500 Collectibles
Autolite GT-40 logo oil-air-fuel filters sign with attaching rod for rack. Nice! Does not include oil rack.
Also have NOS thin header card for oil filter rack - E-mail. (Photo 1
$775 Collectibles
Original E & F
FoMoCo® Boss 429 820-A metal engine tag!
Dated 9-M. Late production. Very rare!
$1950 Engine details
Original Ford
NOS 1970 Mustang owners manual, second printing January 1970. Mint condition! $300 Collectibles
Original Ford
NOS 1969 Mustang owners manual, second printing January 1969. Mint condition! SOLD Collectibles
Original Ford
1969/70 Shelby shop manual supplement. Blue. Mint! E-mail Collectibles
Shelby Autosport showroom poster.
1969 Shelby GT-350/500.
Excellent condition! (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles
Autolite GT
Autolite GT identification order form with 1969 prices!
Tells you how much a curb sign, clock, decal, cost.
Form AF-69-1-7. 8-1/2 x 11 size.
$45 Literature
Near mint!
1978 Holman-Moody sale of the century
parts close-out catalog.
Very nice, has the price lists too! (Photo 1
$475 Books & Literature
Shelby Cobra
1969 Shelby Cobra racing helmet! (Photo 1 NFS Collectibles
Rare KKX
Original 1969 KKX Boss 429 tire pressure decal Kar-Kraft factory blueprint! Frameable! (Photo 1 E-mail Collectibles
Shelby Autosport 1969 factory roll bar-
spec sheet with instruction page (Photo 1
$95 Collectibles
NOS 1968-1/2 Shelby KR Cobra 4-speed knob! NIB! E-mail Collectibles
NOS Shelby Autosport, CS Shelby Tachometer.
8000 rpm. Super Rare! (Photo 1
NFS Collectibles
Scarce 1969 Shelby GT S9MS Engineering Parts List!
REPRINT on original thin Onion Skin Paper!
4 pages…EXACT! (Photo 1
$49 Collectibles
NOS Sun Tach chrome mounting cup, mint NIB! $225 Racing Parts
Sun Super tachometer, 9000 rpm, mint!
New in original box! Includes NOS transmitter!
$2250 Racing Parts
Sun Super tachometer, 8000 rpm, mint!
New in original box!
SOLD Racing Parts
1965 Sun Super Tach 9000 rpm rare! E-mail Collectibles
Sun Super Tach-O-Meter counter display!
with NOS SST Sun Super Tach!
Super Rare! Museum piece! (Photo 1
$9800 Racing Parts
Vintage Originals
CS Shelby Cobra Pilsner beer glasses!
Black & Gold leaf logos!
Rare Shelby Cobra Highball scotch glasses!
Fabulous collectibles for home or office display! (Photo 1
E-mail Collectibles


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