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Holy Cow Batman!...Under the staircase!

We found a box full of NOS Ford Boss 429
fender decal transfers!...In mint condition!
NOS C9ZZ-16228-D white...E-mail us...
NOS C9ZZ-16228-E black...E-mail us...
In original NOS Ford packages!...Mint!...
Not 3M reissues or repros!...

2019 car auctions!
Bidding on a Boss 429 at auction?
You need to check the car's provenance
(history & owner trail) before you bid!
What are they NOT telling you?
Our Registry records go back before 1974
to actual production at Kar-Kraft Brighton!


Genuine FoMoCo gaskets!
NOS Boss 429 O-ring head gasket sets...
We've got them!...No reproductions!...
Complete Ford sets!...E-mail for special pricing!...
NOS in original Ford packages!...
Get a complete set while you still can!...
We also have NOS Ford overhaul gasket sets!
Extra C9ZZ-6051-D small gray oil gaskets!...

Trust Genuine Ford engine parts!...

Autolite-Ford GT Parts!
NOS Autolite Boss parts...In stock!...
Been picking Autolite-Ford Dealers since 1977!

Rare! What else can be said!
We reference the official...
KK Engineering log books...
kept in-house at KK-Brighton!...
plus hundreds of rare factory photos!...

CS Shelby & Mach 1 parts!
See more details at: www.SteveStrange.com

Wanted: $$$$
1969-1971 CS Shelby Autosport parts & accessories!
1969-1970 Shelby GT-350/500 NOS parts!
NOS C9ZZ KKX Boss 429 Mustang parts!

Former CS Shelby Autosport dealer!

Rare Boss 429 parts...we've got them!
NOS KKX Boss 429 front spoiler!
1969 Magnum 500 chrome wheels & tall caps!
Original 70 KKX fan & spacer!
Original KKX Boss 429 export brace!
Original Boss 429 oil pan! Nice, no dings!
Original 1970 air cleaner w/ original snorkel!
NOS MU2 pb booster & mcylinder complete!...
SteveStrange page for list...

Rare NOS Autolite-Ford parts! Got them!
1969 & 1970 Autolite oil breather caps!
C8TF DAP voltage regulator!
70 blue-wire carb solenoid!
70 Hurst 7275 chrome lever!
70 HURST open 4 knob w/ set screw!
NOS Dearborn radiator cap!
Boss 429 Autolite SV-29HR battery! NIB!...

Boss 429 history book & poster!
Published by Boss Performance!...

Getting scarce!
Get one while you can!

NOS Autolite SV-29HR
Boss 429 sta.ful
Original NIB!
Case dated 69
Case dated 70


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